Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya  is a non - profit service institution striving to promote the cause of man - making education. The school endeavours to give culturally oriented education for the total development of the child. It was started in 1973 and upgraded to a Higher Secondary School in 1984 under CBSE pattern, switched over to Matriculation pattern of education in 1996.

For the past several years, our students have consistently performed well in the Matriculation  Board Examinations and in the Higher Secondary Board Examinations, of the T.N. State Board with merit rankers and subject toppers to our credit.

Besides academic excellence, our students have earned innumerable laurels in Co-curricular Activities and in the area of sports too.

Acquisition of knowledge without losing the perspective of character building, coupled with stress on patriotism and devotion to God is the lofty goal, that J.G.V.V. has set for the  students. “Striving for Excellence” is the watch word of the J.G.V. V’ians.  Talent nurture and Spiritual basis of education are the unique features of our school.   The spirit of service to the community and values of age old culture and tradition are imparted along with the curriculum.

Interact Club: The students of class XI will be eligible to become the members of   the Interact Club functioning as a part of The Rotary Club of      Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Exnora : The Students Exnora Programme is functioning effectively in the school. The students of VIII std are made the members of the  Students Exnora Programme (STEP)

Multimedia Education Programme : The school has introduced for the past three years Computer Aided Teaching to all classes.  A new LCD projector at the cost of 2.5 lakhs has been added to make computer Aided Teaching more effective. A good mumber of CD’s have been bought to make this programme effective. More than 80% of our teachers are trained INTEL and teaching aids are prepared in Powerpoint. This will be a unique programme offered by very few schools in the city.

Our school take pride in providing educational programme for class XII through “Kanbom Karpom” on Doordarshan (On Wednesday between 10.30 am to 11.00 am).  A team of experienced teachers in part highly essential inputs through demonstration and other visual aids by way of helping rural children learn as well.  This venture lends itself to all subjects including practicals. 

Photography : The Photography Club provides adequate training to students in photography and photojournalism.  The certificate course offered, includes both theoretical and practical exposure to the members. 

Astronomy The school offers a course in Astronomy, supported by Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre to enhance and enrich the students knowledge with practical observations of the celestial bodies through an 8” telescope installed in our school.

A Handful of Rice Scheme : The students of our school have been contributing a handful of rice each on every first Monday of the Month which is donated to orphanages and old age homes. Till now more than 20,000 kgs of rice has been donated under the scheme.

Our Website :- www.jgvvannanagar.org

Our Trust Website:- www.jaigopalgarodia.org
Our Sister Concern Websites:- www.jgvvsvn.org



    The Trust

Establishment of Jaigopal Garodia Foundation

“Education for all to instill patriotism and to make India Strong and Glorious”

Influenced by the thoughts of philosophers and understanding thee social needs and duty towards his fellow human beings, Mr. Jaigopal Garodia – the philanthropist, patriot, educationist, a man of visionary zeal and social reformer with a firm belief of serving the society and the country, decided to dedicate all his energy, all his powers and hard earned wealth for the sole purpose of serving through charity.  He firmly believes that the wealth of the rich is best spent on the poor and education is ht only means by which a country could progress.  Mr. Garodia who has not seen four walls of the school took it up as one of his major duties to educate the children and uplift the downtrodden.  To ensure that the selfless service continues even after his,  the “JAIGOPAL GARODIA FOUNDATION” came into existence during the year 1974.  The Foundation has carved a niche for itself by its various philanthropic, educational and social activities.  Infinite number of educational institutions, academies and charitable centres have been functioning.  ‘Educate all to make India strong and glorious’ is the motto of the Foundation.  The Foundation has been in the forefront in contributing towards National Defense Fund, providing relief at the time of natural calamities, assisting war windows and so on.  Orphanages and mercy homes are also rendered help whenever occasion arises.


            A school with the best practices, learning and evolving, while retaining Indian ethics, customs and traditions.


            To send out the into world children who are confident and capable of realizing their potential as they grow, learn and evolve into worthy citizens.


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